Write-A- Check Fundraising Campaign

"Reach For the Stars"

September 26 - 30

Please help the Wild Rose Elementary PTO raise necessary funds by donating to this year's Write a Check Campaign.  The PTO understands that Fundraising is difficult and typically results in families being asked to sell items to family members, co-workers, and neighbors.  But this takes time, time that busy families don't have.  However, funds still need to be raised!  This is where the Write-A-Check fundraiser comes in!  Families are asked to make a one-time donation to the PTO to fund all of the grants, programs, and events that are facilitated annually.

 Our goal this year is $15,000, a suggested donation of $50 per child.  We know that our families are just as proud of Wild Rose as we are and we can "Reach For the Stars" to make this goal a reality!  

Please consider one of the following giving levels:

Gold Level -- $250

Silver Level -- $100

Bronze Level -- $50

Or give whatever donation you feel appropriate.  Every donation is tax deductible and is given 100% to support the students and staff at Wild Rose Elementary School!

There are 3 ways to donate!!

Click HERE to donate via PushCoin

Click HERE to donate via Zelle -- please use the email address  wildroseptotreasurer@gmail.com

Or print and send the donation form below with your check made payable to "Wild Rose PTO" in to the school via backpack mail.

Curious where the money goes?  Here are some real examples of what the PTO does:

pto does that

For questions regarding the Write-A-Check Fundraiser, please contact, Carley Alcorn, at wildroseptopresident@gmail.com